The job: Electricians inspect, repair, install and maintain electrical systems, circuits and equipment. They are always in high demand. You can work on residential jobs (houses, apartments), commercial jobs (businesses) or industrial jobs (generally manufacturing).
Education: High school diploma is required. Trade school education is also valuable. In addition, electricians must complete an apprenticeship, as well as specialized training.


The job: Plumbers are an important part of the trade industries. They do more than fix plumbing, although that is an important part of their job. Plumbers work on everything from new construction to service calls to the development and design of plumbing systems.
Education: High school diploma is required. In addition, trade school training is recommended. Plumbers go through in-depth on-the-job training as they begin their career.

HVAC/R Technician

The job: Wherever there is a need for heating, cooling or refrigeration systems for houses or buildings, HVAC/R technicians will be in high demand. HVAC/R stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, and that explanation provides a pretty solid description of what this occupation works on. You may spend a day repairing a furnace, installing a central air conditioning unit or constructing an air handling system in a newly constructed building.
Education: High school diploma is required. A diploma from a trade school can also be very important. HVAC/R technicians need strong math and reading skills to review and follow instructions and blueprints.

Utility Technician

The job: Utility technicians do a wide variety of jobs. Whether you are installing or maintaining an electrical or natural gas utility’s infrastructure, your career will be busy. These careers include those who do everything from repairing and installing power lines to maintaining natural gas delivery systems. These jobs are important to many people, especially when problems (as in the case of a power outage, where thousands of homes may be impacted).
Education: High school diploma is required. A related degree from a tech school is also helpful.