Help Wanted

Help isn’t wanted, it’s needed!

People who live and work in buildings will always need electricians, plumbers, HVAC/R techs, and all the other people who bring light, water, and comfort to their world. Right now, there aren’t enough people doing those jobs, and as they retire, there aren’t enough new people coming in. As a result, trade professionals are some of the most sought-after applicants in North America. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the United States needs 75,000 more electrical workers than it currently has! If you want a job, you can find one. How many degrees can say that?

There’s no way around it, and the world will always need skilled tradespeople. But, unfortunately, it’s estimated that three tradespeople are leaving for each one entering these industries today! So next time you think to yourself that these professions aren’t compensated well, remember that lesson on supply and demand you learned in economics . . . People who can be successful in these careers will have unlimited earning potential!